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Providing Financial and Business Advice Throughout the Litigation Process
A dispute, lawsuit or claim goes through a process of distinct phases, each of which have different needs and opportunities for the types of financial and business assistance that Acuitas Litigation Services professionals can provide. These phases are collectively known as the “litigation process” and our many experiences of assisting clients and their attorneys in various phases of the process give us the ability to understand the assistance we can provide to add value in each phase.

Early Assessment As Consultant
Business people and experienced litigation attorneys know that greater benefit is obtained by introducing financial expertise into the litigation process as soon as possible. Before a suit or a claim is filed, or before an adversary is approached, we have the ability to help you by:

  • Indicating the amount and strength of the damages or claim
  • Identify critical issues and develop a damage or claim approach
  • Assist with research and fact-finding
  • Identify and find other needed experts
  • Craft potential settlement approaches
The Discovery Process
The opportunities to assist you listed above continue throughout the litigation process, but we also have skills you will need during discovery:
  • Interpret and evaluate discovery produced by the other side
  • Identify information to be sought from and provided to the other side
  • Assist with responding to and drafting production requests and interrogatories
  • Develop questions for depositions and assist at depositions
  • Serve as consulting expert rather than testifying expert
  • Evaluate and rebut opposing expert witnesses
  • Assist with preparation of fact and expert witnesses
  • Present findings and/or likely expert opinions, in mediation or settlement conferences; assist with negotiations

The Trial or Hearing
Whether as testifying expert or consultant, we have helped prepare for many trials and hearings and attended them to testify or provide advice. We typically prepare our own initial outline of direct testimony and suggested demonstrative information to accompany testimony.

Fee Identification and Cost Control
The high costs encountered in resolving disputes, conducting financial investigations, and filing claims usually cause our clients to want to know as much as possible up front about how much our value will cost and how our fees can be controlled throughout the process. We feel our engagement approach allows you to utilize our help in the most effective and efficient manner to maximize our value. After an initial understanding of the situation, we can usually estimate our fees for each step of the process and manage the cost with you. Often we initially work on a project or “results-driven” basis, or in phases, for a certain fee level to determine if findings will be sufficient to do additional work. If you wish and when the time is right, our role and tasks will be clearly defined and we will prepare a budget in hours and fees for the matters that we are to address. This budget will be submitted for approval before we incur significant time and fees and we will not exceed the approved budget without permission. If necessary, as our engagement progresses, we will prepare additional budgets.

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